Benjamin Gotte

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Postdoctoral Associate
Joined the Pyle Lab: 2020 
Education: PhD in Virology (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
Research interests: I’m using fluorescent RNA aptamers to visualize the dynamics of viral RNA in live cells.
Within infected cells, single-stranded positive-sense RNA (ss(+)RNA) viruses, such as Hepatitis C virus (HCV), establish membranous replication complexes to provide a protective environment for viral RNA replication. A key component of replication complexes is the viral membrane-associated replicase, which catalyzes the amplification of the viral genome.
We use cryogenic electron-tomography (cryo-ET) in combination with advanced image processing to investigate structural characteristics of HCV replication complexes in their native environment, i.e. within cells. Revealing the higher-order assemblies of replicase proteins in complex with the viral RNA in situ allows us to address fundamental concepts of replication complex formation and replicase function.
Class that most inspired me: Virology lecture series by Norbert Tautz.
Favorite place in New Haven: West Rock Park
Outside of lab, I enjoy: Hiking, biking, climbing