We are seeking postdoctoral candidates with a background in computational biology and bioinformatics, crystallography, cryo-electron microscopy or enzymology, although applicants from other areas of research are also welcome to apply.

We are seeking technicians and research assistants with experience in protein purification, RNA biochemistry, molecular biology or solid phase synthesis of nucleic acids.

Postdoctoral candidates should provide the following information:

  • why you are interested in the laboratory
  • your CV
  • the contact information for three references. 

Technician candidates should also include specific information on

  • technical skills
  • description of previous work experiences

Candidates should contact Prof. Pyle at anna.pyle@yale.edu

Graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in our research program are urged to visit the lab and discuss available projects with Dr. Pyle and other lab members.  We are actively seeking students who would like to participate in our research projects.