Old Versions of Software

RCrane.CLI (formerly CONDOR.CLI)

Author: Kevin Keating
Description: RCrane.CLI uses phosphate and glycosidic bond coordinates to predict and build backbone structure. Note that RCrane.CLI is a command line program and is not intended for interactive use. Crystallographers wishing to use this methodology for structure building should use RCrane, above.
Reference: Keating KS and Pyle AM. Semiautomated model building for RNA crystallography using a directed rotameric approach. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 107 (2010) 8177-8182.
Downloading instructions: RCrane.CLI is available at Github and our website.



Author: Carlos Duarte
Description: AMIGOS reads an RNA PDB file and outputs a complete table of torsion angle calculations.
Downloading and installation instructions: AMIGOS is a Perl script - it does not need compilation. Just download the script from Github or our website, check to ensure Perl is properly installed on your machine, and make the file AMIGOS executable. The program is ready to use. The output of the program is a series of spreadsheets containing conformational data. If you use KaleidaGraph to view spreadsheet data, the plot template from the figure above will assist you in viewing the data.


Author: Carlos Duarte
Description: PRIMOS allows the user to perform interactive comparisons between RNA structures and to conduct database searches for specific RNA structures or substructures. Note that the search capabilities of PRIMOS are also included in AMIGOS II.
Downloading and installation instructions: PRIMOS is available at Github.